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Sunroom Studio/ Artist Statement or....Why do I do what I do?

  I began as a seamstress, creating garments and creating my own patterns for garments, along with trying all types of needle work, dyeing and weaving which all added to my eclectic style. After many years of experimenting with fabric, fiber, yarns, beads and other embellishment techniques I have found that every time I try something new it just sends me off on a new adventure and broadens my abilities. That's how I got into quilting, OH that looks like fun...

   Early on, I became intrigued by the geometric patterns and designs the fabrics created, which lead me to piecing quilts.  Then, as many of us are...distracted by shinny objects...I experimented with beads, stamping, printing, paper making, clay and jewelry. I try to incorporate some of these in most of my work. I love developing my skills with new techniques and tool. My quilts are an expression of that journey, being sometimes carefully planned, organized, colorful, and complicated but other times they are just happy accidents. Each quilt evolves as I find more ways to increase the complexity of the design.

   Quilts appeal to my sense of order, using fabrics to dictate the shape, movement, color and texture. I try to increase the dimension in the work by adding beads and intricate quilting. Quilting provides me with relaxation and entertainment. My love of quilting has also lead me to increase my use of computers too. I have started printing my own fabric designs from digital images I have manipulated. A new camera, computer programs and a high quality printer have added to my creativity.

   My studio, however, appeals to my sense of (organized?) chaos, a place for everything and nothing in its place.  But happily if I need something for a quilt I need look further than my own studio, its usually there someplace. I hope to post some pages of my studio soon. It has been newly remodeled by my husband, a custom made sewing table, cutting table, thread storage unit and book cases.  It is really beautiful and very functional, yep sometimes it is still messy!

   Many artists find deep meaning in their work, I've tried but I guess I'm just not that deep. What I think I find in my work is deep "distraction". Now, life is good and I just like to play!  My creative voice is still evolving. I don't think you need to suffer for your art, I am a quilt artist because I enjoy the work, it clears my head of the stresses in life  and fills it  with possibilities.  

   If something catches your eye, please email me at  stitchindeb@yahoo.com. . Each work is like a personal journey I hope my customers feel that way too.  Currently I have not got the time to deal with galleries and shows but you never know they might end up there some day, I'm having too much fun creating!

       This site offers a variety of shiny objects to distract you.
Thank you for visiting, enjoy.

Deb Hillen   


Artist Statement