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                Web Sites for New Fiber information

If you are a true fiber person, you are always willing to learn something new!
The following are links to some great new innovations in the ever expanding textile industry.

The History of some fibers that have been developed in the past and then abandoned.


New Technology on the rise....Again!

        Micro fibers     http://www.hillsinc.net/Ultrabeyond.shtml

         Nanofibers     http://www.hillsinc.net/Polymeric.shtm

          Soy Silk     http://soysilk.com

            Corn Fiber       http://www.ingeofibers.com/ingeo/home.asp  

            Silk Latte-Milk fiber    http://store.carlsonwoollies.com/silklatte.htm

            Bamboo fiber    http://www.bambrotex.com/

            Beech Fiber Modal®     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modal_%28textile%29

            Invista-Product listing     http://www.invista.com/products.shtml

         Coolmax® Performance fibers    http://www.invista.com/

          SolarMax® nylon fibers     http://www.invista.com/     

            UV protection fabrics     http://www.solarweave.com/       
UV Protective fibers

         Lurex®         http://www.lurex.com/     

            Polartec® 2002 fabrics-performance fibers     http://www.polartec.com/fabrics/new.php   

            Tactel® , Specialty Nylon  for swimwear         http://www.invista.com/prd_tactel.shtml 

            Tencel® brand Lyocell Product            http://www.lenzingfasern.com/fibers/en/textiles/303.jsp?menueId=3

            Gore-tex ® XCR dry gloves for skiers/ wind break fabrics         http://www.gore-tex.com

            Dow XLA Fiber      http://www.dow.com/dowxla/index.htm  http://www.styrofoamcrafts.com/dowxla/what.htm                                    

            Bio-silver, X static®- layers to keep you warm and dry, odor free, anti microbial     http://www.noblefiber.com/index2.html

           Toray products , Japanese Fiber producer         http://www.toray.com/products/seni/index.html

           Telar®, will not fade, water resistant     http://www.fabriclink.com/PK/x-fiber.html

            T400 a next generation Lycra product        http://www.lycra.com/prod/page_t400.html

            Lycra         http://www.lycra.com/

            Australian wool innovations (large website)        http://www.wool.com.au/

            Securus fibers: smart fibers with strength in seat belts              http://www.textileindustries.com/News.htm?CC=02&ID=1736\

          PBI Fiber     http://www.fibersource.com/f-tutor/pbi.htm

          Wearable intelligent fibers                    http://www.tft.csiro.au/

          Luminex fiber optic fabrics                 http://www.luminex.it/

Research links:   

          Educational Presentations on Several High Performance products             http://www.fabriclink.com/PK/x-HPerf.html

             Llamapaedia- information on Llama fiber and use                                http://www.llamapaedia.com/index.html

            Wikipedia: free encyclopedia with info about other fibers             http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Textile