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Schedule for 2014/2015

 Lectures:  Trunk shows, lectures on techniques and design available.
                         Contact Debra at stitchindeb@yahoo.com

Classes:  Dyeing, embellishment and quilting techniques. Available by arrangement.
                        Contact Debra at stitchindeb@yahoo.com

 Artists Gallery Show Schedule:  other dates to be announced  
                  Sign up for our mailing list for future shows by emailing    

 Teaching schedule:      Debra Hillen, Assistant Professor, Adjunct Faculty
                                                Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, KS
                                       Fall 2014 :
                                                    FASH 131: Flat Pattern drafting  
                                                    FASH 150: Textiles (online)

                                                     Debra Hillen Adjunct Instructor,
                                                Park University, Parkville MO

Fall 2014 :
Art 370: Fibers

Upcoming  college teaching schedule :

JCCC Spring  2014
FASH 127: CAD Pattern drafting
FASH 131: Flat Pattern drafting
Fash 150: Textiles

go to http://www.jccc.edu/index.html
to apply and register

  JCCC Summer  2014
FASH 123: Apparel Construction I
FASH 124: Apparel Construction II
FASH 143: Tailoring

FASH 150: Textiles (online) 


Park University
Fall 2015
Art 370, 371, 470, 471 Fibers 1,2, 3, 4

go to
to apply and register